Robert J. Young

Robert J. Young (born 1942) is a Canadian historian and former professor of history at the University of Winnipeg (1968–2008). He specializes in 20th century European international politics. A graduate of the University of Saskatchewan and the London School of Economics, Young's doctoral dissertation was written under the supervision of Donald Cameron Watt. It was published by Harvard University Press as ''In Command of France: French Foreign Policy and Military Planning, 1933-1940''. Over the last forty years, Professor Young, a Canadian, has written numerous academic books and articles including ''France and the Origins of the Second World War'' and ''Louis Barthou: Power and Pleasure''. Throughout, he has consistently rejected the ''la décadence'' thesis that the alleged decadence of France in the 1930s made the Fall of France inevitable. Provided by Wikipedia
by Young, Robert J.
Published 1989